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Reselling products on the monger

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Are you a broker, distributor or (non-exculsive) importer? Here's how to add existing products to your monger profile.

A menu named "add existing product" with the text "This form adds an existing product to your business' product lineup. Use this form if you a non-exclusive distributor or resller.
How easy is it? This easy.

If you're a producer or exclusive importer on the monger, adding a new product to your lineup is easy. You likely make the product, and want to be the product admin—the primary source of information about it. Go to your profile, click on "add product," fill in the blanks, and you're off to the races.

If you're a distributor or other reseller using the monger, it's not that simple. In fact, adding a product is even easier.

Pick up your products

Just pull down a list of businesses on the monger, and select the particular producer or importer's SKUs you carry. From there, you can add your own description, image, SKU / product numbers and sales details like lead time, air ship, etc. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

Why pick up products?

It's faster

Rather than spending the time to re-type their product descriptions or ingredients, you can just click, and it will be automatically added to your profile. The producer has already entered all the sales-critical product information you need. You can sub in your own SKU#, image, description etc. to be displayed on your page.

It's more accurate (and it stays that way)

Picking up your products means that you're getting information straight from the horse's mouth—the folks that make it. They know their own product line and are probably keeping track of only a few dozen items, as opposed to you, a distributor or broker, with a few hundred or thousand, so you never have to worry about missing an update. When the producer makes changes, you'll receive an alert and then you can wait until that last of your old stock is sold, then update your profile automatically.

You get found

When you pick up a product, your business is added as a reseller to the product page. A buyer searching for a producer or particular product will be able to find you as a listed reseller prioritized by their location.

We'll probably do it for you

The monger takes a "write once, read many times" approach. This means that if we discover duplicate items made by the same producer on the system, we're going to do our best to unite them under one product admin to keep the data on our system accurate for everyone. So check first, because we'll check, too, and if we find the match, we'll be consolidating the entries.

I have questions...

What happens if the product isn't on the monger?

What happens if the product is administered by another distributor / broker / etc?

What happens if the producer signs up for the monger?

What happens if the producer LEAVES the monger?

What happens if etcetera?

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