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New on the monger

SPOILER-ALERT: You have to log in to explore our community. Most monger accounts are free and take a brief couple minutes to set up. Go here.

We have a lovely crop of new users on the monger this month. In January, the monger team met dozens of wonderful makers at the Good Food Mercantile in San Francisco. And we're thrilled so many from the Guild have joined our community! Turtle Rock Farms captivated us with their perfect pickled fiddleheads. For this whopper of a cold-and-coronavirus season, they've got oodles of Wild Blueberry offerings to supplement the world's dwindling supply of Elderberry Everything. (Related: blueberries are much higher in Zinc and Magnesium than elderberries.*) We're also smitten with their Mermaid Olives, an unusual product you'll want to add to every savory dish.

Also among our newcomers: vegan-sensitive toffee-maker Libity Bits, bourbon-baller sauce-shakers Pappy & Company (Louisville Kentucky), and Lively Run Dairy of Interlaken New York (creative chevre from 18 miles outside Ithaca). Their Cayuga is a goat's milk blue and an ACS award winner you don't want to miss. We're also excited about Bondolio's gorgeous olive oils from Winters California. Their Mandarin Orange blend is the antidote to plain EVOO we never knew we needed.

If you've been putting off launching your monger profile, now is a fine time to re-dedicate yourself. Why? The monger is a business-to-business network that aims to connect the entire specialty foods industry supply chain. Rather timely, as we reach for new sales and networks to keep afloat.

If you're too swamped to wrangle your profile into existence, let us help.

• Send us info, sell sheets, photos, docs. We'll enter/upload your products, for free.  

• Reminder: monger accounts are free for producers and retailers.

• When you unhide your profile, you join our map and database. Buyers/suppliers can find you, and vice versa. It's a beautiful thing.

What else? Tell us what you need, what you're grappling with, a conundrum you're facing. We're here to keep the specialty industry thriving.

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