• Lis Harvey

"Is this for me?"

Do you make a specialty food item like goat caramel—or sell artisanal foods like small-batch chocolate, chai, goiabada or sopressata? Then yes, this is for you.

The monger is a b2b platform that knits together the multi-sided market that is specialty foods. We built it to elevate the industry—and to help you get. out. from. behind. your. desk. and get back to making delicious food.

With a monger account, cheese makers, grocers, chefs and distribution fleets of all shapes and sizes can:

  • Find buyers and sellers based on location, specialties, ingredients, and beyond.

  • Harness the power of accurate product information, label updates, marketing materials and sales copy.

  • Get on the map and find new people to work with, using our geo tools.

  • Publish and update your entire catalog... or get our free help making your listings complete and attractive.

  • Access or post in-depth producer profiles, and bios of importers, distributors, retailers, and other specialty foods players.

  • Search for specialty foods by maker, production details, awards, certifications, and much more.

  • Advertise within the monger network to grow your business in any direction.

Join the monger, for free. Be the first on your block to streamline communication and operations, and help us level the specialty foods industry playing field.

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