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Introducing our Marketing Director

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Lis Harvey, Lead Marketing for the monger

What are you eating right now?

On a lazy morning: Soft eggs on a bed of kale with tahini/lemon dressing and Marie Sharp’s [sauce].

On every other morning: Cherry tomatoes from the garden. Hand over fist.

What's in your fridge that isn't in my fridge?

Half-eaten lollies from our local bodega (kid bribes).

Before the monger, Harvey directed marketing ("like a movie!") at the Davis Food Co-op in Davis, California. "It was a little like tap-dancing backward in high heels, wearing someone else’s bikini and holding a flaming tray of something."

Harvey's role model hails from both co-operative and specialty foods' spheres. I’talia McCarthy, now the General Manager of the Chicago grocery store, The Dill Pickle Food Co-op, is a rising star in the food co-op world. "She's an expert cheeseboard crafter, crazy cheese lover, and all-around person of excellence who taught me everything I know about coaching. She's living proof that the strongest leaders are guided by kindness."

Words to live by?

Handle your sh*t.

Fave summer activity?

Beer in can. Front porch.

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