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Introducing our CTO

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

The first in our meet-the-monger series! Get to know our team.

Anya Sophe Behn, Chief Technical Officer for the monger

What's in your fridge that could conceivably go on a signature pizza?

Specialty hot sauce, jam, and sauerkraut.

The most surprising thing about Chief Technical Officer Anya Sophe Behn is not that she worked for Netscape. Nor is it that she moonlighted as Finance Director for the volunteer non-profit Hackermoms, while also churning out start up ideas and solving problems as a technical consultant. The shocker is: she doesn't do much sculpting these days. That's right—sculpting. One of her visual mediums.

"Before the monger, I was President of the Pacific Rim Sculptors group." Full stop.

So there's the cool factor: your CTO is a sculptor. Then there's the wow factor: the monger is so full-tilt that even Sophe Behn, who seems to have a bottomless wellspring of energy, is finding it hard to carve out time for personal projects these days. It's good to be busy, and the team is fortunate to have Sophe Behn's clarity leading development. Her true passions are AI and big data, and the possibilities with the monger are endless.

What are you eating right now?

Grass-fed, pasture raised Vermont jerky.

Fave summer activity?

Swimming at the beach or pool.

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