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Introducing our CEO

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

The second installment in our meet-the-monger series.

Will cuddles a lamb. Wouldn't you?

What are you eating right now? (Please don't say lamb.) Bulk alphabet noodles pomodoro with wilted tatsoi from Berkeley Bowl.

Best bits of advice you've received?

Hire for personality. Don't crowd the pan.

Before working at the monger, Will Fertman was a writer and publisher for culture magazine. Favorite article? "It was about the cheese origin of the universe."

While cheese still holds a special place in Will's heart (hopefully not in his arteries), Little Baby's Ice Cream is his specialty foods industry role model. "Their magnum opus has never been surpassed."

His real life hero? Louis Braille. "At age 15, he invented a system that made the written word accessible for himself and millions of blind people in the following centuries. Reading is precious, and children can shake the world."

Something your child said recently that stuck with you?

Leo (4): I'm making the elements out of Legos.

Me: The atomic elements?

Leo: The CLASSICAL elements!

Fave summer evening activities?

Movies. Fireflies. Lobster.

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