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Admins and Resellers

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

How to manage product information on the monger

Bloomy-rind cheese and salumi sandwich made with salumi and Lescure butter, cornichons on the side.
In general, admins make the cheese, resellers make the sandwich.

The monger exists to answer pressing business questions for the specialty food industry—what is it (food!), who makes it (you?), how is it made (carefully!) etc.

In order to answer these questions, we built a platform that lets businesses enter and organize data about the products they sell. As the specialty industry encompasses hundreds of thousands of different SKUs, we needed a way to keep that information accurate.

Thus, product administrator, "product admin," the original and best source of information about a product. The product admin is the business that controls all the essential information about that product: name, description, images, case / pack, ingredients, certifications, pairings, handling instructions, etc.

You don't need to be a product admin to list a product in your monger profile—in fact, it's often desirable NOT to be the product admin. Here's how it works.

Which businesses become admins?

Product admins are the business closest to the point of manufacture.

Most of the time (for obvious reasons) producers are best for domestic products, importers for imported products. These businesses typically have the best and most complete information about their offerings, and can quickly record any changes they make to their lineup, keeping the information fresh.

Exclusive brokers and distributors can also be excellent sources of information. If the original producer isn't actually on the monger, or wants to let their partner handle their marketing, one of these businesses is the next choice.

In the absence of a producer or exclusive seller, we assign admin status on a first-come, first served basis. The first business to add a product to the monger administers the product. However, if the original producer / importer or their exclusive broker or distributor signs up for the monger, they can claim admin status of their own products. When this happens, we will inform the respective businesses of the change and work with both businesses to ensure a smooth transfer.

Which businesses become product resellers?

A product reseller is any other business that sells the product in any capacity but does not manufacture it. Producers, importers, distributors or brokers can be product resellers, provided they actually carry the given product for sale. A reseller can overlay certain data, like description, image, SKU number, etc. for products on their own business profiles, but the 'core' data comes from the product admin, and is always accessible for the reseller to represent their offerings. Retailer and food service accounts can't resell or admin products on the monger unless they take on an additional role as a distributor or other b2b seller.

This is an honor-system affair. It's understood specialty food is a dynamic business, and keeping perfect track of every item sold can be a difficult task—that's one of the reasons we built the monger, after all! However, businesses found to be padding out their selection by reselling products they don't actually carry, or being otherwise spammy or dishonest with their resold offerings, will find their account suspended at our discretion.

I have questions...

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